The 9th International School for Space Simulations
July 3rd-10th 2009
The 9th International School for Space Simulations

The 9th International School for Space Simulations (ISSS-9)

July 3rd-10th 2009
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (near Paris), France

The ISSS-9 program has been designed for the teaching of space plasma simulation techniques and for the sharing of state of the art simulation advances and results with researchers in plasma physics. ISSS-9 has brought together the most recent spacecraft observational results, theoretical advances and numerical simulations to address the outstanding problems in space plasma physics.

Acknowledgments are expressed to colleagues of the International Program Committee for their active collaboration in preparing the ISSS-9 program.

Warmful thanks are addressed to the President of the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin (UVSQ) , Professor S. FAUCHEUX for welcoming and supporting the ISSS-9 event. This successful event has been made possible thanks to the strong support of the Heads and members of various departments of UVSQ, in particular Dpt. UFR-SSH (Dir. Mr. JOB , Adminis. Resp. Mrs CHALUMOT), Dpt. DSI (Resp. Mr REMILLE) and Dpt. of Communication (Resp. Mr RIVOIRE), and to the members of the Local Organising Committee.

Special thanks are addressed to Mrs . Armella LONGREZ (CNRS, UVSQ) and Catherine MICHAUT (IPSL) for their remarkable and permanent help over more than 1-1/2 year of preparation of ISSS-9.

In order to keep the web site alive , ISSS-9 participants will find :

 All tutorial courses and the last version of practical courses used on site.

 ISSS9- prize

 ISSS-9 pictures taken during the event.

 ISSS-9 video

If you have any question, feel free to contact at: Cet e-mail est protégé contre les robots collecteurs de mails, votre navigateur doit accepter le Javascript pour le voir

We will be happy to meet you at the next ISSS-10 (scheduled for 2011) .

Bertrand LEMBEGE
ISSS-9 Chairman